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DJ Style Presents Marko Christie of Subwoofer Records

DJ Style Show on Chill Lover Radio - Ep#006: DJ Style Presents Marko Christie of Subwoofer Records
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From Scotland now living in Australia. Producer / DJ for 15 years, never scared to step out the box & try all different types of genres. Comes from a musical background also known to play various instruments. Lover of all types of music.

Marko Christie, has been on the music circuit from age of 14 years old where he landed his first resident spot within the hardcore scene in the mid 90’s. At this point, he was one of the youngest dj’s in Scotland to be allowed to work various nightclubs at such an age.

Marko had worked alongside most well-known dj’s within the circuit who are still at the top of their game. Nowadays, Marko is more focused on the production side of music and never feels the need to be pigeon holed in any one genre.

To date, Marko is on some great labels amongst many great artists also with various remixes for many artists. Keep up to date with his social network sites as there is a lot to come from Marko within the next few months with various tracks on some well-known labels. Watch this space as it's only going to get harder & stronger.

Record Labels:
Subwoofer Records (techno)
Burnk Digital (minimal-tech/house)
Fullroom Records (electro-progressive house)
N.G Records (techno)
Dirt-E Records (electro-trance)
Soul Fly Records (house tech-house)
5howtime Records (techno-house deep house)
Abracadabra Records