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DJ Style Show on Chill Lover Radio - Ep#010: DJ Style Presents DJ Nika
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DJ Nika began frequenting the city house scene and soon took a turn towards production and promotion in various New York City nightclubs. His self-taught character and unmatched dedication quickly gained respect among other DJ’s as he kicked off his DJ debut (November 21, 2009) in the legendary Webster Hall, New York’s Largest and longest running nightclub. Just the fact that Nika was able to join the elite DJ’s of NYC in such a short period of time, demonstrates his great talent. Anyone who has seen him in action was left yearning for more. He issued numerous tracks on Beatport and iTunes, signed with several record labels (First official release: May 24, 2011 “Search in the Sky” Tracks: “Never hide” & “Captivate Me” Label: Fly Records). Many of his tracks were released and featured in online stores and several of those made it to the top 100 for sale on Beatport. (Track: “DJ Nika - Lost in Your Mind - Bessiff Remix” was chosen by ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) on Beatport “BEST TRACKS OF ADE 2012: COMMUNITY PICKS 2.” As usual for Nika, his ambition remains limitless and he has his eyes set on bringing his music to Brazil and Argentina next. He promises to continue his active involvements in many Electronic Music Festivals in North America and is also planning his biggest European tour to date in 2015.

Records Labels: Subwoofer Records, Electrified Mindz, OTB Music Publishing, Love That Sound Records, Stop & Replay, Bedroomrecords09, MotifGroove Records, Fly Records